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A helping theorem in mathematics; a generally minor, proven proposition used as a building block to larger results

Lemma works to do the same for your DAO, supporting your team in meeting your most ambitious targets

We understand the challenges and opportunities of the blockchain era

If we handle all of the administrative details
then you can focus on your mission


With over forty years of professional services experience behind our team across international directorships, “Big Four” accounting firms, digital assets businesses and decentralized organizations, Lemma brings industry-leading quality and professionalism to your community. Trusted by some of the largest DAOs in the world, Lemma works with our clients from Day Zero to ensure your team has absolutely every resource available to succeed – regardless of where in the decentralization process you are. At Lemma, we believe no one should organize alone.

frequently asked questions

There is no question too big or small that our team would not be thrilled to help answer! To start, these few seem to come up all the time:

Lemma is a Cayman Islands-based service provider – why does that matter?
Why would I need management and/or operational support for my DAO?
What is a DAO?

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If you want to organise and need assistance with admin,
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