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Services from Cayman ensure your community is legal and protected off-shore

Lemma is managed entirely within the Cayman Islands, and offers an extensive range of services catered specific to Cayman-based structures. From transaction initiation, council & committee meeting hosting, supervisor service, account set-up and more, Lemma works with our clients to ensure operations remain in Cayman.
Where DAOs have elected to register in the Cayman Islands, Lemma can provide transaction initiation services to support economic substance within the jurisdiction. In all cases, Lemma can assist across wallet setup, policy creation, and management of timely multi-signatures across all time zones. Additionally, organizations without any members registered in the Cayman Islands are required by legislation to appoint a Cayman-based Supervisor. Lemma has been providing supervisor services since inception and can provide your team with the experience to succeed.
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Why choose Lemma?

With over forty years of professional services experience behind our team across international directorships, “Big 4” accounting firms, digital assets businesses and decentralized organizations, Lemma brings industry-leading quality and professionalism to your community. Trusted by some of the largest DAOs in the community, Lemma works with our clients from Day Zero to ensure your team has absolutely every resource available to succeed – regardless of where in the decentralization process you are.


Our team believes in the projects we support, and we stake our reputation on delivering impeccable services. We go above and beyond, often outside the scope of engagement, to ensure that we help your teams to excel across every aspect of your business.


Our philosophy is personal service with extensive support. Our clients receive a dedicated service team who become part of their community, with access to our broad experience pool when innovative new solutions are needed.


Every service offered by Lemma is tailored to meet your communities' unique needs. Every DAO or Foundation is different, both in personality and stage of decentralization - our job is to elevate your organization.


Lemma was founded to ensure DAOs have options when it comes to complying with regulatory mandates while supporting decentralization. Everything Lemma does is designed to be completely visible to communities and engage with their feedback.

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