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We deliver value, directly to your communities

Experts & Nerds

With over forty years of professional service experience across digital assets, directorships, DAOs and international accounting firms, Lemma's team have been professional nerds since inception.

Seamless & Smooth

Lemma works through partnerships, ensuring our team is there to support clients every step of the way. We accommodate your existing workflows to ensure seamless communication and smooth operational efficiency.

Dedicated & Driven

Our team provides bespoke experiences to each client we work with, ensuring personal accountability through our dedicated client liaisons with the breadth of learned knowledge behind our incredible results-motivated team.

Lemma's mission is to support communities in decentralization, by providing tailored services designed to meet your communities' unique needs as partners throughout the process. Our team prides themselves on being leaders in professional empathy, seeking to understand what communities need most to thrive and ensuring we can provide robust support solutions

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Our team of dedicated DAO mavericks

Karel Olivier


Karel is a qualified CA(SA) with a wealth ofknowledge in accounting and digital assets. He has experience working on theoperations and finance of several large protocols. Karel is our numbers and opsguy.


Lize Page


Lize has a background in mathematics, statistics, and project management. She has worked for large consulting firms and startups in her career. Lize is our data unicorn and automation expert.


Petri Basson

Advisor & Co-Founder

Dedicated to transparency in digital assets. Former Director of KPMG Digital Assets before Founding Hash Directors. Chairman of BACI, Chair of CCSS, and Independent Director to numerous blockchain ventures


Toinzelle Page

Operations Specialist

Toinzelle is our people’s person who loves dealing with community forums and has extensive project management experience. If you want something done, just ask her.


A Cayman Islands provider managed by seasoned industry professionals, Lemma offers years of experience working with digital asset and decentralized service providers. Our team ensures DAOs are done right.


Every service offered by Lemma is tailored to meet your communities' unique needs. Every DAO or Foundation is different, both in personality and stage of decentralization - our job is to elevate your organization.


Lemma was founded to ensure DAOs have options when it comes to complying with regulatory mandates while supporting decentralization. Everything Lemma does is designed to be completely visible to communities and engage with their feedback.


Our philosophy is personal service with extensive support. Our clients receive a dedicated service team who become part of their community, with access to our broad experience pool when innovative new solutions are needed.


Our team believes in the projects we support, and we stake our reputation on delivering impeccable services. We go above and beyond, often outside the scope of engagement, to ensure that we help your teams to excel across every aspect of your business.